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How to Setup WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin.
Remember, you have to make static homepage title, if your website has a static page, and you have to edit the settings from page edit screen. The titles for your post may vary, so you can set variable titles for your posts. You can also include a meta description of your website. Once done, click on Save Changes button. WordPress offers you a large number of post types such as post, page, revisions, navigation, attachment, etc. in addition, WordPress supports custom post types. You can also set the titles and meta descriptions for your posts, media, and pages. WordPress SEO by Yoast automatically sets the title template, while leaving all other areas vacant for you.
Is WordPress SEO by Yoast Broken? ManageWP.
I dont know if we use two SEO plugins, is it good or bad? 4 years ago. Yoast seems to cause google to alter SERP titles. No matter what I do, when using Yoast the homepage always changes to brand: title.
How to change front page meta tags ThemeIsle Docs.
Yoast SEO by Yoast is the ultimate SEO plugin, and it can do pretty much everything. And we usually get people asking how to change the description tag for our themes which use a front-page.php template. Note: Before proceeding further you need to enable Advanced settings pages from SEO Dashboard Features. It's' really easy to do it. Just navigate to SEO Titles Metas Homepage, and there you can manage title and meta description template.
How To Install Setup Yoast SEO Best Recommended Settings.
The second tab of the Titles Meta settings, Homepage, contains two input boxes.: The first one allows you to select a title template for the homepage. If you dont know how a title template in Yoast SEO works, I would recommend you to leave it to the default option.
The beginners guide how to setup the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress.
AmDee uses a standard dash format, so our URLs look like. The Homepage section allows you to write your website name and include a Meta description if you have one. This information will be shown in the browser tab. Yoast asks you to choose whether the website will be for a person or a company. If you select the company option you will be able to input your companys name and upload the logo. From the second section, content types define the SEO for each specific area of your WordPress site.
Setting up WordPress SEO with the Customizr theme Press Customizr Documentation.
The last tab is Security. There is not much here except that you can disable certain portion of the Yoast SEO from showing to your authors. There are 6 tabs under this sub-menu option. The first one is General. Not much to set up here. The first option is Force rewrite titles. It is a good idea to leave it to Yoast to auto-detect and decide whether to rewrite titles. The next option is to choose a Title separator from the available symbols. This would appear between the post/page title and the site name. The second tab is Homepage.
How to Change Your Meta Title and Meta Description in WordPress using Yoast.
Anyone help me, please. I dont change my site meta title tag meta description for the homepage. How to fix this? Attila Nagy says.: November 18, 2017 at 630: am. Hi, The Yoast shows me this SEO title: Shop and Online Repair iPhoneRepairBase, but the browswer shows me just iPhoneRepairBase.
How to add keywords and meta descriptions in WordPress Template Monster Help.
Now you can add Meta information to your site pages and posts. First of all open page or post you need to edit and scroll down to the Yoast SEO section. The most likely you will see automatically generated content in Meta description and Meta keywords fields. Click on Edit snippet button to modify page Meta description. And enter your keywords in the Meta Keywords field. Make sure you entered less than 10 words to the Meta keywords section. Check if the content you added here is relevant to your page content. We recommend using phrases from the articles. To save the changes click on Close snippet editor and update your page. The homepage has one peculiarity.
10 WordPress SEO Questions That Took Me 10 Years To Answer! Search Engine Land.
Question 3: How Do I Chose The Best WordPress SEO Plugin For My Website? There are two SEO plugins that distinguish themselves from the rest: All In One SEO Pack and WordPress SEO by Yoast. The former is slightly more popular, while the latter is slightly better rated.
Create SEO titles and meta descriptions with Yoast SEO Yoast.
This means you can come up with a template and you wont have to think about it anymore! You can do so in the Search Appearance section of Yoast SEO. You can set these templates for the homepage, posts, pages, categories, tags and archives as well.

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